Norbertines to finish new home in Silverado Canyon in October
Boarding school to close

Father Justin Ramos in front of new construction (Photo by Michael Fernandez) In 2006, the Norbertine Fathers visited the Holtz Ranch in Silverado Canyon, exploring the site as a campus for their priests and seminarians. The fathers didn’t have

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Interactive Advent calendar from the Norbertines
Daily reflections, videos, music, commentaries

From the Dec. 2 section of the calendar Known for their white habits, penchant for service, and intellectual rigor, the Norbertines in Southern California have launched a digital Advent calendar that will engage Catholics around the world. This new

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Norbertine nuns work the Poverty Program in Wilmington

The following comes from a Jan. 10 story in Angelus News. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday throughout the year, people within the Wilmington neighborhood line up outside the convent gate in great need of food or clothing. One might wonder

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Norbertines launch digital library from St. Michael’s Abbey

On any typical weekend, the white cassock-clad priests of the Norbertine order from St. Michael’s Abbey in southern California preach in about 35 parishes, sharing the fruits of their contemplative and communal life with the Church. As canons regular, they

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Norbertines to showcase plainchant at Disney Concert Hall

The following comes from an Apr. 16 email from Jade Music. On the evening of Sunday May 4, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, California join the world-renown American organist Paul Jacobs, Chair of the Organ Department

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