Why pro-family groups are losing marriage debate

Mom and dad arguments don’t persuade anyone

The following comes from a Nov. 7 posting by Austin Ruse in Crisis magazine. Brian Camenker is a rabble-rouser from Massachusetts who founded something contentiously called MassResistance, a state-based pro-family group that takes perhaps the most aggressive stance in the country against the homosexual agenda. In a recent column published on his website, Camenker offers … [Read more...]

Queerty’s attack on protect-marriage salaries

$500K/year for Brian Brown

The following story comes from a late June posting on the pro-homosexual site, Queerty. Far be it from us to relish the financial woes of our enemies, but it appears the campaign to stop same-sex marriage is running out of money, even as one of it’s main proponents takes in a cushy mid-six-figure salary. Oh who are we kidding–we eat this stuff up! Reuters reports that … [Read more...]

Mayor Lee and Lt. Gov. Newsom blast Archbishop Cordileone

For Washington D.C. event promoting ‘hatred’ to gays

The following comes from a June 10 story on SFGate.com. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom are among those urging San Francisco Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone not to attend a June 19 rally in Washington sponsored by two organizations that have lobbied hard nationally against same sex marriage. “We ask that you will reconsider your participation … [Read more...]

Prop. 8 campaign wants disclosure laws waived

The following comes from an Oct. 12 story on sfgate.com. Supporters of California's 2008 ban on same-sex marriage are back in court arguing for an exemption from the state's campaign disclosure laws because of threats and harassment they said they have received from gay-rights supporters. At a hearing Friday before the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, … [Read more...]

Gays try to expose pro-marriage donors

Maine court orders release of confidential documents … [Read more...]