Great-grandma saves the baby

An abortion clinic rescue in the first week of July, 2018

Dear Pro-life friends, Because certain people are trying to block the efforts of sidewalk counselors to save mothers and babies from the horrors of abortion, we are keeping the dates, times, and locations of where we are counseling confidential. The notes below may come from one or more locations during the week. Some specifics have been omitted to protect the identity of … [Read more...]

Life of miracle baby saved last-minute

When a luxury car pulled up to the abortion clinic, sidewalk counselors were not expecting the middle-aged woman to be receptive to their words

The following comes from a March 12 email from the Helpers of God's Precious Infants San Diego: Dear Pro-life friends, The miracle started about 6 weeks ago when the 40-year old woman became pregnant. She had been told by her doctor that she could not become pregnant, because she had already stopped ovulating. So the pregnancy came as quite a shock. She has teenage … [Read more...]

Don’t listen to your boyfriend

Prayers needed for a young girl considering abortion

The following comes from a September 19 email from Helpers of God's Precious Infants San Diego: Dear Pro-life friends, At around 9 in the morning a young couple pulled into the parking lot. A counselor approached them, offering them information and the chance to talk before they would enter the clinic. However, once the yellow-shirt escorts came over and spoke loudly "You … [Read more...]

Please pray for 2, possibly 3, turnarounds

What happens when you ignore the aggressive "patient escorts"

The following is from an August 16 email from Helpers of Gods Precious Infants San Diego: Dear Pro-life friends, Please pray for 2, possibly 3 turn-arounds we had on Saturday, August 15, feast day of the Assumption, at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road. The first hour in the morning was busy.  By 9:00 we had 9 counselors in the parking lot.  The pro-choice … [Read more...]

Twins saved from abortion

Ex-husband relieved at woman's choice

The following comes from a June 13 email from the San Diego chapter of Helper of God's Most Precious Infants: Family Planning Associates Miramar Road, Saturday, June 13 Dear Pro-life Friends, Thanks to the intercession of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, St. Anthony and all those praying today at Family Planning Associates, the lives of precious twin babies were spared … [Read more...]

Shackles and handcuffs

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Rd., San Diego – Nov. 15

The following comes from a Nov. 15 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. Thankfully business was a little slower than usual at FPA this morning. However, one baby lost is one too many and abortions were still taking place. Thanks be to God one couple went into FPA and left without having an abortion. One of the counselors gave the husband a brochure on the … [Read more...]