New evangelization

A church on wheels

The Hispanic population makes up roughly half of the nearly 10 million people in Los Angeles County. This makes the county the largest Hispanic population among all American counties – and there isn’t a close second. As a recent report

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A church on wheels2019-04-16T11:04:29-07:00

Rebranded and reconfigured

The following is a Diocese of Oakland press release: For the past several months, Dr. Margaret Turek has been holding listening sessions with pastors and parish staffs throughout the diocese. Clergy and lay leaders shared the conviction that there is

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Rebranded and reconfigured2016-03-01T19:47:18-08:00

Definitely a new evangelization

The following comes from a March 28 AFP article by Don Kavanagh: A bar being run by the Catholic Church might sound like the setting for a lame Irish joke, but it's not Irish and it's no joke. AFP reports

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Definitely a new evangelization2015-04-03T08:28:23-07:00