Doubleheader at Napa Institute
George Weigel and Cardinal Raymond Burke exhort 700 attendees to fight pervasive error

In back-to-back opening keynote addresses July 25 at the ninth annual Napa Institute, well-known conservative Catholic commentator George Weigel and high-profile papal critic Cardinal Raymond Burke exhorted the assembly to fight pervasive error, division and apostasy in the church

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Catholic donor denies he consulted on Viganò allegations

Timothy Busch, a conservative Catholic lawyer and donor, is denying claims he was consulted on a letter written last month by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò alleging, among other things, that Pope Francis ignored accusations of sexual abuse by a prominent

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Archbishop John Nienstedt steps away from Napa Institute

Archbishop John Nienstedt has “stepped aside from his responsibilities” at the Napa Institute, the Irvine, California-based organization announced Aug. 15. According to the institute, since 2016 Archbishop Nienstedt had been an independent contractor with the Napa Institute, where he edited

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Speakers at Napa Institute discuss challenges for families

The following comes from an August 2 Catholic World Report Blog post by Catherine Harmon:     One of the highlights of this weekend’s Napa Institute was a bishops’ panel discussion of modern challenges facing the family and expectations for

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Bishop McElroy: wrong to use ‘intrinsic evil’

The following comes from  a March 3 posting by Michael Sean Winters in the National Catholic Reporter. In Lent, the Gloria and Alleluia are suppressed in the liturgy, but there is nothing to prevent the good people of San Diego

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