God bless my car

Bishop Richard Garcia blesses automobiles during Monterey Car Week

The following comes from an August 18 Reuters article by Paul Ingrassia: Holy water at hand, the bishop begins the invocation. “We call on God to bless all these cars and the people who bring them here,” intones the Most Rev. Richard Garcia of the Catholic diocese of Monterey, California. “He has blessed us to create great and beautiful work.” Then Bishop Garcia and … [Read more...]

Monterey Bay Area Latin Mass community is moving

The community will now become part of Hollister parish

The following comes from a news release emailed to California Catholic Daily: Starting Trinity Sunday, May 22, the old Sacred Heart Church in Hollister, California, will become the new site for the Traditional Latin Mass in the Monterey Bay Area. A sung High Mass will be offered on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in the historic church located at 680 College Street in Hollister.  A … [Read more...]

Don’t come back!

Tempers flare at Project Truth event at CSU-Monterey Bay

The following comes from an April 22 Monterey County Now article by John Bays: Bloody aborted fetuses. Embryos still on the womb. These graphic images adorn large posters set up by anti-abortion activists from the nonprofit organization Project Truth, which set up shop on CSU Monterey Bay’s campus on April 21. Project Truth is the youth outreach branch of the Sanctity … [Read more...]

California cross returns, for a time, to haunt ACLU

The following comes from an April 5 Town Hall article by Robert Knight: A large cross commemorating the landing by Spanish explorers in Monterey, California in 1769 was back at Del Monte Beach, erected anonymously over Easter weekend. For a few tense days, vampires and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers knew to avoid the area, while families took Easter … [Read more...]

Vandals deface Santa Cruz Mission

This marks the fourth attack on a California mission since Junipero Serra's canonization

The following comes from a November 3 Breitbart article by William Bigelow: Salinas, CA - On Monday morning, red paint was found splattered on the door of the Santa Cruz Mission, with graffiti accusing Father Junipero Serra of genocide painted on the walls. One young student at the school at the mission, Eli Moody, 8, told KSBW, “When we got to school everyone was talking … [Read more...]

Monterey city council will see about that “church- state situation,” may send letter to pope

Opposing councilman: Who are are we to tell the pope who he should consider for his decision?

The following comes from a May 27 KSBW news story by Caitlin Conrad: At least one Monterey City Council member wants to send the pope a letter urging him not to declare Father Junipero Serra a saint. "I would like to propose that we send a letter to the pope and question his plan to make father Sierra (sic) a saint," councilwoman Libby Downey said. Downey brought up her … [Read more...]

Obamacare facilitators

Monterey Catholic Charities to help sign-ups

  The following comes from a Jan. 5 story on TheCalifornian.com. Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey began assisting with Covered California enrollment applications Jan. 2. Through a contract with the state of California, Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey staff have achieved their certification to help community members determine eligibility and to assist … [Read more...]

The values of the Sisters of Mercy

Play, spontaneity, and delight

The following comes from a Sept. 22 story in the Daily Journal (San Mateo County and northern Santa Clara County). If you’re looking for a chance to truly relax, the Mercy Center in Burlingame has the event for you Sept. 26. Elizabeth Murray of Monterey is visiting the center for a daylong retreat called Harvesting The Gifts of Autumn focused on mindfulness. Murray wrote … [Read more...]

‘You must really go to California’

The following comes from a story by Brother Larry Scrivani from Cuperino in Catholic San Francisco. First part of an occasional series marking the birth bicentennial of Joseph Sadoc Alemany, the Spanish-born Dominican missionary priest who served as the first archbishop of San Francisco (1853-1884). It came as a total surprise. Weeks earlier he had sailed from New York to … [Read more...]

“A more normal parish life”

Less than a year after relocating to the Shrine of St. Joseph in Santa Cruz, members of a Traditional Latin Mass community in the diocese of Monterey are moving again -- this time to a location they hope will be their permanent home. Last year, Monterey bishop Richard Garcia asked the Traditional Latin Mass Community, which had been celebrating the Extraordinary Rite at … [Read more...]