Bishops of Mexico release security guide in response to rising crime

As increased levels of violence in Mexico continue, the Mexican Bishops Conference has published a protocol guide to help prevent crimes against priests, religious and faithful in the country. The protocols are not intended to hinder “the pastoral activity of

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“This is not a war zone”

In response to announcements regarding deploying the U.S. National Guard to the U.S./Mexico Border, the U.S. Catholic Bishops of the U.S.-Mexico Border, including San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy, issued the following statement:  “We are deeply concerned by the announcement that the National

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Catholic youth volunteers beaten, raped and shot while delivering earthquake aid in Mexico

Members of a Catholic youth group were reportedly beaten, raped and shot while they were bringing aid to earthquake victims in south Mexico. The volunteers, who were delivering food and relief aid to communities affected by the earthquakes in Oaxaca

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California bishops announce support for two immigration measures

In response to the national traction on immigration issues, this Session has seen the introduction of several California immigration bills. The California Catholic Conference (CCC) has decided to support two in particular, and is examining several others that have the

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Massive image of Our Lady of Guadalupe painted on side of Riverside County church

The vibrant, 35-foot-tall mural has caused passersby to stop, cross themselves, and take pictures of the massive image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, painted on the side of Corpus Christi Catholic Church in the Home Gardens community between Riverside and

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Mexican government in greatest clash with Church since persecution that ignited Cristero War

The following comes from an August 25 LifeSite News article by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman: The recent initiative of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to impose homosexual “marriage” on the country has led to the greatest confrontation between the government and

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Archbishop at US-Mexico border: we need to tear down walls

The following comes from an August 12 Catholic World News article: The new archbishop of Tijuana, Mexico, visited the US-Mexican border on August 11, leaned on the border fence, and said, “We need to build bridges, and tear down walls.”

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