The Church is for life

Pope Francis tells physicians they must defend human life "however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced”

 Ideologies which do not acknowledge and uphold the dignity of human life must be resisted and the Catholic Church’s teaching on life affirmed, Pope Francis told a group of Catholic doctors Monday. “The Church is for life, and her concern is that nothing is against life in the reality of a concrete existence, however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced,” … [Read more...]

Torrance fertility doctor implanted mother with stranger’s embryos, performed a secret abortion when he realized his mistake

The couple are now suing for malpractice, claiming he did get consent before performing abortion procedure

The following comes from a November 24 Daily Mail article by Ashley Collman: David and Melissa Pineda say they went to Torrance, California fertility doctor Dr Rifaat Salem in December 2013, after struggling to conceive a fourth child, and two months later Mrs. Pineda was implanted with a set of embryos. But just two days after the procedure, while Mrs. Pineda was on … [Read more...]