Bishop Barron avoids hot-button issues in Congress visit
Turns to “really deep and abiding points of contact"

Bishop Barron at Library of Congress (Credit: Joseph Gloor/Word on Fire) Lawmakers must rediscover their call by God to pursue justice, Bishop Robert Barron told members of Congress and staff on Tuesday. “In Catholic theology truth itself, goodness

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What went wrong?

I recently received a letter from a young Catholic husband and father in which he observed: “Peers of mine who are converts or reverts have specifically cited teachings like ‘Humanae Vitae,’ ‘Familiaris Consortio,’ and ‘Veritatis Splendor’ as beacons that set

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Only half of US children are being raised by their married parents

One in two: that is the current number of children in the U.S. who are being raised by both their married biological parents throughout their childhood. “This figure is based on the proportion of 17-and-18-year-old high school students who were

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Sex in accord with reason

An article published in 2012 in The Atlantic described the sexual practices of the Aka and Ngandu people who live in the tropical forests of central Africa. Researchers Barry and Bonnie Hewlett, anthropologists from Washington State University, found that married Aka and Ngandu

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Evidence mounts on the importance of marriage and biological parents

Evidence keeps accumulating about the importance of marriage, and the importance of being raised by your biological parents. This should matter to us if we want to live in a society that is truly pro-child and is not in reality

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Pope Francis offers more concessions to SSPX

Continuing initiatives aimed at a reconciliation with the Priestly Society of St Pius X (SSPX), Pope Francis has made it possible for bishops to ensure the validity of marriages celebrated in the traditionalist communities. A letter published by the Vatican

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