Unexpected successes

Family Planning Associates, San Diego, Planned Parenthood, El Cajon, Dec. 27

  The following comes from a Dec. 27 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. Today at FPA was a typical day. There were three counselors and up to about ten prayer warriors on the sidewalk throughout the morning.  Most couples took the information but continued on to the mill. Several couples shook their heads and refused any information.  We had a … [Read more...]

Did not want to drop out of Southwestern

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Rd., San Diego, Oct. 18

We had a large group of people praying this morning, including a priest and members of St. Anne Church.  A special little girl who had her first birthday on October 1st was there on the prayer line with her adoptive family. This precious little girl was a save at FPA during the Spring 2013, 40 Days for Life Campaign. We had a new counselor this morning, who was blessed with … [Read more...]