Amazon Synod attacks fossil fuels, plastics, Western eating habits
Vatican veers near enthusiasm for blood and soil

Pachamamma idols in Rome: "theology with an Amazonian face" (Photo from Catholic World Report) The Vatican’s Amazon Synod is done. But its mischief lives on in the ideological distortions of its final document, “Amazonia: New Ways For The Church

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Liberation theology, 30 years later

The following article was posted May 15 on Catholic News Agency. The author, Alejandro Bermúdez, serves as Executive Director of CNA and ACI Prensa. Mr. Bermúdez, a Peruvian journalist, received his training in Social Communications from the University of Lima. In

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Jesuit criticized by Vatican for ‘erroneous’ theology to give Santa Clara commencement speech

The following comes from an Apr. 10 posting on the Cardinal Newman Society website. Liberation theologian Father Jon Sobrino, S.J., whose work was criticized by the Vatican as containing “erroneous and dangerous propositions” concerning the divinity of Jesus Christ, will

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