Confessions heard every Wednesday evening in Lent, in all 54 San Jose parishes

The Light Is On For You campaign has reached an estimated 10,000 people since it began 4 years ago

In what is becoming a tradition of the season in the Diocese of San Jose, The Light Is On For You campaign returns for a fourth year. “This Lenten initiative is a wonderful way for all of us to celebrate God’s limitless mercy and compassion. We celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, because it is a celebration of God’s unconditional love,” said Father John Hurley, CSP, … [Read more...]

SF Catholics can eat meat this Friday — but there’s a catch

Need to abstain next Wednesday

The following comes from a Feb. 13 posting on the Facebook page of the San Francisco archdiocese. LUNAR NEW YEAR DISPENSATION: Archbishop Cordileone has announced that the faithful who wish to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Friday, February 16, and to eat meat, may transfer their obligation of abstinence to the following Wednesday. Otherwise, the normal Lenten regulations … [Read more...]

Lent begins Feb. 14

Catholics encouraged to make going to confession a significant part of their spiritual lives

The 2018 Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14, for Latin-rite Catholics with Easter Sunday on April 1. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops asks that during Lent, we devote ourselves to seeking the Lord in prayer and reading Scripture, to service by giving alms and to sacrifice self-control through fasting. Many know of the tradition of abstaining from meat on … [Read more...]

Lent is over. Now what?

How to avoid treating Lent as just one big detox program

Once the Easter Triduum is over and Catholics cast off their Lenten penances, what comes next? Was Lent just one big detox program, and is the Easter Season a marathon of steak dinners, chocolate eggs, Netflix binges and bigger bar tabs, while practices of daily Mass and prayer are neglected? Not so, said liturgical experts, who stressed that Catholics can both celebrate … [Read more...]

Lent is not an endurance test

Bishop Kevin Vann offers three ways to make the most of the Lenten season

For many Catholics, Lent has become something of an endurance test, not unlike children competing to hold their breath under water. People seek to deprive themselves in the same way, hoping that they can last all the way to Easter when they can breathe deeply and relax. The problem with this lies in the fact that while we may white knuckle our way to Easter, chances are that … [Read more...]

What’s the point of fasting?

The Lenten practice is a weapon against demons and a powerful way of putting our spiritual life in proper balance

God commanded it, Jesus practiced it, Church Fathers have preached the importance of it – fasting is a powerful and fundamental part of the Christian life. But for many Catholics today, it's more of an afterthought: something we grudgingly do on Good Friday, perhaps on Ash Wednesday if we remember it. Would we fast more, especially during Lent, if we understood how helpful it … [Read more...]

A look at what young Catholics did this Lent

Orange County Catholic interviews millennials on their past 40 days

The following comes from a March 25 OC Catholic article by Allyson Escobar: The somber season of Lent is now over. Here’s what some young adults from different dioceses had to say about following Lenten practices: “I’m cutting back on eating out, like fast food, restaurants and whatnot. If I do [eat out], then I have to buy gift cards to give out to those in need when I’m … [Read more...]

Pro-life Stations of the Cross in San Diego

Procession of more than 500 people through downtown

The following comes from an email to California Catholic from Helpers of God's Precious Infants San Diego. Dear Pro-life Friends, This year on Good Friday will be the 10th annual Pro-life Stations of the Cross in downtown San Diego. What started 10 years ago as a small group of people praying a special Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in front of the Federal Building … [Read more...]

Should Prison Ministry Include Praying for Abortionists?

Pro-Life Action League Issues Call to Action During Lent

This story comes from a February 20 Christian Newswire article. Abortionists locked up in prison for murder, sex abuse, and fraud—this is the end result of human justice. According to the Pro-Life Action League, however, the story does not end there.   This week, the Lenten season began. During this 40-day period of reflection for Christians worldwide, the … [Read more...]

“To veil or not to veil?”

Diocesan blog discusses current norms regarding covering statues and crosses during Passiontide From the website of the Diocese of San Jose Prior to the 1970 revision of the Roman Missal (Sacramentary), crosses and images were covered with veils during Passiontide, which is the last two weeks of Lent, starting from the end of the Mass for Saturday of the Fourth Week of … [Read more...]