Meeting will focus on important role of Hispanic people in the Catholic Church

San Bernardino diocese expects more than a thousand to attend V Encuentro event

After months of parish level consultation and outreach, the Diocese will convene a gathering of more than a thousand people at Riverside City College on August 19 to discuss the important role of Hispanic people in the Catholic Church. This Diocesan V Encuentro event will welcome delegates from the faith communities of San Bernardino and Riverside counties to gather together … [Read more...]

The dilemma facing Latino Evangelicals

They oppose abortion and favor traditional marriage, but most can't accept Trump

The following comes from a May 23 LA Times article by Kate Linthicum: Samuel Rodriguez is the kind of Latino whom Republicans hoped they could count on in 2016. An evangelical Christian pastor who opposes the Democratic Party’s stance on abortion and same-sex marriage, Rodriguez led a prayer onstage at the 2012 GOP national convention. This election cycle, he publicly … [Read more...]

Could the key to legalizing weed in California be found at church?

Legalization advocates hope the Catholic Church will remain neutral on this year’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act

The following comes from a May 8 San Francisco Chronicle article by Joe Garofoli: The reason marijuana might actually be legalized for adult recreational use in California this November is because professionals — not stoners — are running the campaign this time. However, supporters of legalization need to scale the wall surrounding churches in many African American and … [Read more...]

How Catholic schools are serving the Latino community

California bucks national trend

The following comes from an April 7 Angelus article by Kevin Theriault: A recent study of Catholic schools in the United States raised questions about how well our Catholic schools are serving the Latino community. California Catholic schools are ahead of the curve. The report from Boston College’s Roche Center for Catholic Education and its School of Theology and … [Read more...]

Growing epidemic of Latinos leaving the church

Evanglicos focus on community and personal growth

The following comes from a March 23 Monterey Herald article by Karina Ioffee: SAN JOSE -- One of the most dramatic trends in American religion is the rapid growth of Latino evangelicals, many of whom are leaving a Catholic church that has long dominated religious life in their homelands.   Though the majority of American Latinos still identify as Catholic, the … [Read more...]

California’s version of Obamacare a success?

The following comes from a Jan. 27 story in California Political Review. I’m pretty amazed at how long the CA media have gone along with the idea that the state’s version of Obamacare is doing well. I wrote about Covered California in Sunday’s U-T San Diego: “… the state’s version of Obamacare has reduced the number of Californians with health insurance while doing a … [Read more...]