14 days left for Gosnell film crowdfunding

  The following comes from an Apr. 27 item on the site Heritage.org. Kickstarter’s reach and reputation have made it “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects” — and a desirable destination for two movies about abortion. Gosnell and Stolen Moments both sought to use the crowdfunding website. First, they encountered resistance, then rejection from … [Read more...]

Gosnell abortion film too much for Kickstarter

The following comes from an Apr. 7 op-ed piece by Phelim McAleer in the New York Post. I was really, really happy when Kickstarter came on the scene. The crowd-funding Web site offered the opportunity for struggling artists and filmmakers to bypass corporate, union or not-for-profit funders and their agendas and interests. Kickstarter was set up to allow us to put up a … [Read more...]