‘Today I lost my Nobel Prize’

New film about Jerome Lejeune

The following comes from a June 21 posting on MercatorNet.com. It is August 1969 in San Francisco and Professor Jerome Lejeune is addressing the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. Ten years earlier he had discovered the genetic cause of Down Syndrome, when he saw under his microscope in a Paris laboratory the third little mark on the 21st … [Read more...]

Women with Down Syndrome respond to God’s call

Community founded with support of Jerome Lejeune

  The following comes from a July 26 story on Patheos.com. To offer oneself to God, in witness to the Gospel of Life. This is the mission of the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, a contemplative order in France which opens its doors to women who feel a call to religious life, but who may be turned away from other orders because they have Down Syndrome.  The … [Read more...]