“You’re going to have to conceal your identity”
More closing arguments in Daleiden-Planned Parenthood trial

Charles LiMandri: "If you're going undercover to save lives..." (Photo from Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund) Following is an excerpt from the closing argument on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in San Francisco federal court by Charles LiMandri, who represents

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Janet Smith gave advice to David Daleiden
Moral theologian asked about undercover work

Janet Smith taught at Notre Dame, University of Dallas, and Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.   The following is an excerpt from theOctober 8  opening statement of Charles LiMandri, attorney for the Center for Medical Progress in the

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Another Catholic woman speaks out after McCarrick revelations

The allegations of sexual misconduct made public in June against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick finally brought the decades-old open secret of the disgraced former cardinal’s sexually abusive behavior out in the open – also raising the question of the extent of the abuse, and how it was enabled and covered up

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