California suit pursues banks in defense of Iraqi and Syrian Christians

The following comes from a June 14 release for the Courthouse News Service. A California nonprofit wants two Middle Eastern banks and a Kuwaiti sheikh to pay damages for claims they funded the Islamic State's systematic murder and displacement of

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These seminarians are being ordained – in a refugee camp

The following comes from a March 18 Catholic News Agency article by Elise Harris: After their seminary in Qaraqosh was dissolved following a brutal ISIS attack in 2014, four Iraqi seminarians chose not to give up after being forced to flee,

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United States recognizes killing of Yazidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims as genocide

The following comes from a March 15 Alliance Defending Freedom press release: Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that the United States recognizes the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS/Daesh against Yazidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims as genocide. Alliance Defending Freedom

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Your apathy is hurting ISIS victims

The following comes from a December 8 Catholic News Agency article by Matt Hadro: Christians in the U.S. must stop their apathy to the bloody persecution of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, said a religious freedom advocate who proposed

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US cardinal says forces in Middle East are intent on eradicating Christians

The following comes from a November 19 Catholic Herald article by Catholic News Service: When Cardinal Edwin O’Brien was named grandmaster of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in 2011, he found himself embroiled in a war a world away

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Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox will have church dedicated to Christians killed by ISIS

The following comes from an October 15 Zenit article: The gruesome images of the 21 Christians who were beheaded last February by Islamic State terrorists have left a deep imprint on the memory of Christian Egyptians. Now a new church

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Chaldeans travel underground railroad to El Cajon

The following comes from an August 22 San Diego Union-Tribune article by Peter Rowe and Tatiana Sanchez: Last summer, as ISIS fighters swept toward his home in northern Iraq, slaughtering “infidels” and demolishing their communities, Fadi Hirmiz grew frantic. “ISIS was

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