Tijuana archbishop urges solidarity with Central American migrants

Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón of Tijuana encouraged the faithful in his homily on November 25 to share “from our poverty” with the Central American migrants arriving in the city. Thousands of Central American migrants have reached Tijuana in their attempt

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Judge throws out lawsuit against bishops over immigrant shelters

A federal judge has dismissed the ACLU’s attempt to block the government from delegating the care of immigrant unaccompanied minors and sex-trafficking victims to a Catholic group that opposes birth control and abortion, and transfers those wishing to have an abortion to other shelters. The

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Statue of Mary envisioned for San Ysidro near U.S.-Mexico border

Inspired by the Statue of Liberty, a 40-foot-tall monument of Mary, mother of Jesus, will stand as a symbol intended to welcome immigrants and refugees headed to the U.S. The statue will go up on the hilltop parking lot of

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In the fight for immigrants, Cardinal Roger Mahony works out of the spotlight

Standing beneath the wooden panels of a church in the San Gabriel Valley, Cardinal Roger Mahony delivered a message that has over decades become a refrain. “Immigrants are our brothers and sisters,” he said, celebrating Mass in Spanish on a recent Sunday.

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San Diego bishops join protest at Otay Mesa Detention Center

When Jesus was born He was hunted by the government, forcing His family to flee the country and seek refuge, Bishop Robert W. McElroy told an estimated 1,000 people who gathered outside the gate of a federal detention facility. “I

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$190 billion budget awaits action by governor

Governor Brown and Democratic legislative leaders have agreed on significant items in a $190 billion dollar budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  Lawmakers voted to approve the budget bill late Thursday, which will now go to the Governor who has

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San Bernardino Bishop: Trump Administration immigration policy is an attack on the family

The following is an excerpt from a recent writing of Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino: We are called to take notice of and respond to specific situations and challenges that impact family life. One very painful and egregious example

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Archbishop Gomez: “In God’s eyes, there are no foreigners”

Archbishop José H. Gomez used his homily at the 65thannual Red Mass to remind the country’s legal professionals of America’s strong tradition of welcoming immigrants and promoting religious freedom for all. “In God’s eyes, there are no foreigners, there are

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Anti-immigrant group endorses Planned Parenthood

An anti-immigrant environmentalist group is tossing its support behind Planned Parenthood, arguing that its taxpayer funding and overseas abortion aid are needed to curb future refugees and immigrants. Environmentalist group Negative Population Growth published a report on Tuesday condemning Republican

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