UCLA: an unborn baby is part of a woman’s body

California Catholic reporter, Mary Rose, visits a California college each week and ask students about God, good, and evil  Kylie and Michelle are in their fourth year at UCLA and are both studying sociology. This interview took place outside James

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San Diego bishop: Some Catholics have ‘corrosive and repugnant’ views on homosexuality

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy said recently that there is “repugnant” and “corrosive” bigotry toward individuals identifying as LGBT on the part of “a group of people across all religious views.” This “particularly antagonistic” regard for LGBT individuals by people

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Fraternal invitation to Bishop McElroy and Father Martin

San Diego bishop McElroy recently wrote in defense of Jesuit Fr. James Martin’s work after it became known that Martin was disinvited from several Catholic speaking engagements, in large part due to backlash from multiple Catholic sources expressing concern over Martin’s

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“Lower than the Rome of the Borgias”

A high-ranking Vatican monsignor who is a secretary to one of Pope Francis’ closest collaborators was arrested by Vatican police after they caught him hosting a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy in a building right next to St. Peter’s Basilica.  Monsignor Luigi

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Can you teach the truth and not be a hater?

In a country where gay marriage has gained widespread acceptance – both culturally and legally – in the past several years, it can be difficult for pastors or others in ministry to stick to the Church’s teachings on the subject

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San Diego bishop bans outspoken pro-life priest from writing bulletin columns

The following comes from a November 30 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy ordered a pastor to cease publishing columns in his church's weekly bulletin after the priest wrote in support of the Catholic Church's teaching

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Mexican government in greatest clash with Church since persecution that ignited Cristero War

The following comes from an August 25 LifeSite News article by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman: The recent initiative of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to impose homosexual “marriage” on the country has led to the greatest confrontation between the government and

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Manny Pacquiao banned from trendy Los Angeles mall over pro-family views

The following comes from a March 23 LifeSiteNews article by Steve Weatherbe: World-famous boxer Manny Pacquiao has been banned from a trendy L.A. mall because of his biblical comments on same-sex "marriage." But at least one legal expert says it's

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Shining a ‘Spotlight’ on Hollywood duplicity and bias

The following comes from a November 30 Crisis Magazine article by Anne Hendershott: Portrayed as a villain in Spotlight, the new film describing the clergy abuse scandal, Jack Dunn, the media spokesman for Boston College, and trustee for Boston College

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