Hearing the cry of Hollywood’s poor

After a Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church, 700 people poured into the streets carrying signs that read “Sacred Silence,” and processing through the busiest part of downtown Hollywood

Catholics in the heart of LA answered the Pope’s call to “hear the cry of the poor” in a very literal way last week, with a Eucharistic procession, organized by the Beloved Movement, that covered the busiest section of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.  After a Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, celebrated by several of the Jesuits who work in the adjacent Center for … [Read more...]

“Hollywood is afraid of this content”

'Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer' will open in as many as 750 theaters in October

The filmmakers thought they had a theatrical deal a year ago, but a judge sued to block the film. The issue was recently resolved. The executive producer called it "a really hard road," but Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killerwill open in as many as 750 theaters in October through a distribution deal with GVN Releasing, the filmmakers said Tuesday. The movie … [Read more...]

Book celebrates Hollywood abortionist who killed 50,000 babies

Inez Burns was "Hollywood’s secret abortionist” who once killed as many as 30 babies a day in her illegal San Francisco abortuary despite having no formal medical training

A new book is remembering the legacy of an abortionist whose services were “a kind of public utility, not unlike the water or fire department.” On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) published an excerpt from the upcoming book “The Audacity of Inez Burns: Dreams, Desire, Treachery & Ruin in the City of Gold” by Stephen G. Bloom. In its headline, THR deemed Burns … [Read more...]

Dominican sisters communicate with visitors through iron gate at Hollywood convent

Every day at 4 p.m., the nuns gather to pray the rosary in the convent’s chapel

A cloistered convent in the city of Hollywood may seem out of place — but even the stars of Tinseltown need to hide away and pray sometimes. Bob Hope, Debbie Reynolds and Norma Foster were old visitors to the white adobe cloistered convent that is situated just off the Hollywood Freeway, and less than one mile from several tawdry shops and strip clubs. “Show me anywhere but … [Read more...]


Los Angeles priest supports films that ‘promote truth, beauty and goodness’

The path to priesthood doesn’t often include stops on the sets of soap operas. But for Father Don Woznicki, a stint as a production assistant for the NBC soap “Sunset Beach” in 1998 (the same year he entered the Mundelein Seminary to begin his formation as a priest) was a pivotal part of his exploration of his “calling within a calling” — his deep-seated desire to evangelize … [Read more...]

Hollywood puts the kibosh on Gosnell movie

“Hollywood's refusal to distribute the Gosnell movie is a politically-motivated double standard because the Gosnell movie is a true story and it shines a negative spotlight on abortion,” film's producers say

The following comes from a November 30 Pregnancy Help News article by  Jay Hobbs: Hollywood may be too afraid to tell the truth about abortion, but the same doesn’t go for AlphaCare, a pro-life medical clinic set to relocate its services just a wall away from Gosnell’s former office this December. AlphaCare’s move, slated for Dec. 19, will mark a significant step for the … [Read more...]

Latest on embryo suit involving celebrity Sofía Vergara

Actress demands ex-fiancé reveal the names of two former girlfriends who underwent abortions

The following comes from a November 18 Renew America article by Matt C. Abbott: From Page Six (Nov. 14): • The battle over Sofía Vergara's frozen embryos with ex-fiancé Nick Loeb has taken a shocking turn. The actress is demanding Loeb reveal the names of two former girlfriends who underwent abortions around 20 years ago. • A California judge upheld Vergara's request … [Read more...]

What’s it like to be Christian in Hollywood?

Believers shouldn't be afraid of being outsiders

The following comes from an October 9 Angelus article by Mary Rezac: What’s it specifically like to be a Christian in the film industry? To find out, we reached out to John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, California. Also known as JP Catholic, the school has a unique mission to form the next generation of Catholic filmmakers in both their faith and their … [Read more...]

Oprah invited to the Vatican

Pope Francis is inviting Hollywood heavy-hitters for a special meeting on improving the church's portrayal in Western entertainment

The following comes from an August 5 Hollywood Reporter article by Matthew Belloni and Chris Gardner: The pontiff has shortlisted Hollywood heavy-hitters for a special meeting at the Vatican this fall. The topic? Improving the church's portrayal in Western entertainment. Ari Emanuel might soon get a chance to hug it out with the pope. Sources say the William Morris … [Read more...]

A study on sloth

Time to examine your favorite tv show

The following comes from a July 1 Community in Mission article by Monsignor Charles Pope:  In daily Mass this week, we have been reading through Genesis. Tuesday’s reading highlights a significant spiritual problem: sloth, one of the seven deadly sins. Sloth is a sorrow, sadness, or aversion to the good things God offers. Rather than being joyful and zealous to obtain these … [Read more...]