Feds investigate Hobby Lobby boss for illicit artifacts

One of America’s most famously Christian businesses is amassing a vast collection of Biblical antiquities. The problem is some of them may have been looted from the Middle East.

The following comes from an October 26 Daily Beast article by Candida Moss and Joel Baden: In 2011, a shipment of somewhere between 200 to 300 small clay tablets on their way to Oklahoma City from Israel was seized by U.S. Customs agents in Memphis. The tablets were inscribed in cuneiform—the script of ancient Assyria and Babylonia, present-day Iraq—and were thousands of … [Read more...]

Like making a Jewish school hire a vendor to serve non-Kosher food

Thomas Aquinas College attorneys rebut HHS Mandate arguments in SCOTUS filing

The following is an August 28 press release from Thomas Aquinas College, a Catholic school offering a 4-year classical curriculum in Santa Paula, California: SANTA PAULA — As part of their ongoing effort to bring Thomas Aquinas College’s case against the federal HHS Mandate before the U.S. the Supreme Court, the College’s attorneys filed a reply brief on August 25 refuting … [Read more...]

Pastor: I’d go to jail before funding abortion

Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills and seven others draw line in the sand

The following comes from a Nov. 9 story on Live Action News. On a Sunday morning, congregants fill the campus of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, a non-denominational evangelical church located in the heart of Southern California. Since the church’s inception, Senior Pastor Jack Hibbs – a strong pro-life proponent – has encouraged his congregation to uphold religious values and … [Read more...]

Abortion corrupts everything it touches

Noose getting tighter for churches in Calif.

  The following comes from an Oct. 22 story by Wesley J. Smith in the National Review. I wrote previously about radical California’s order that insurance companies cover elective abortion as “medically necessary” health care. Ridiculous and ideological. Now, The Federalist reports that the order also applies to insurance purchased by churches. From the … [Read more...]

Churches should not be punished

Bishops Cordileone, Lori, Wenski and Malone eloquent and forceful

The following comes from a July 17 statement by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop William Lori, Archbishop Thomas Wenski and Bishop Richard Malone contained in a release by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Washington Post reported July 8 that the American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups were no longer supporting the Employment … [Read more...]

Justice Ginsburg’s premises

Merck paid $100 million; Bayer $1.7 billion to women harmed by contraceptives

The following comes from a July 8 posting by Susan E. Wills on Aleteia.com. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s indignant dissenting opinion in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby has generated so much commentary that it’s “gone viral.” Yet many of the assumptions underlying her dissent are demonstrably false. For example, she asserts (quoting dicta from Planned Parenthood v. Casey) that … [Read more...]

Hobby Lobby beat the contraception mandate

Here’s why the nuns may not

  The following comes from a July 1 story on Religious News Service. When the Supreme Court on Monday (June 30) issued a split decision narrowly backing the right of for-profit corporations to deny contraception coverage to their employees for religious reasons, many assumed that faith-based nonprofits would have it easy when their own cases eventually reach the … [Read more...]

Prescriptions for contraceptives skyrocket under Obamacare

Report issued before Hobby Lobby decision

The following comes from a June 27 story by the McClatchy Washington bureau. A new report from the Obama administration finds that women saved more than $483 million on prescriptions for oral contraceptives last year, thanks to an Affordable Care Act provision that requires certain medications to be covered at no cost to plan members. Friday's report from the Department … [Read more...]

Six lies the media tells about the contraception mandate

The following comes from a Mar. 24 story on The Federalist. This week, the Supreme Court will consider whether businesses and their owners must choose between paying millions of dollars in fines and violating their religious beliefs. The outcome of the combined cases, popularly styled Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, will shape how government interacts with religious Americans for … [Read more...]

Lack of access is not why women don’t contracept

  The following excerpts come from the brief filed Jan. 28 on behalf of the Beverly LaHaye Foundation in support of the Hobby Lobby case against contraception coverage mandated by Obamacare. ….A. The [Government's] Report Does Not Support the Government’s Assertion that Increased Use of Contraceptives Will Promote Women’s Health. ….At the risk of stating the … [Read more...]