In final debate, candidates diverge sharply on abortion

President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers calls Clinton's claim that China no longer forces abortions "untrue and deeply disappointing"

The following comes from an October 20 Angelus article: In the final presidential debate on Wednesday, the major party candidates were pressed to explain their positions on abortion. Hillary Clinton defended her earlier support of partial-birth abortion, while Donald Trump reiterated the assertion that he is pro-life. “I am pro-life and I will be appointing pro-life … [Read more...]

The campaign to repeal the Hyde Amendment

The amendment, passed 40 years ago, prohibits federal funding of abortions, but the Democratic Party now wants to repeal it

The following comes from a September 20 OC Catholic article: The Hyde Amendment is 40 years old this year. It undoubtedly has saved many lives. But the Democratic Party officially wants to repeal it, against the wishes of pro-life Democrats and almost everyone else. Named for the late Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois, who was a strong pro-life congressman, the amendment had … [Read more...]

Trump is driving Catholic voters toward Clinton

Even weekly mass-goers favor Hillary

The following comes from a July 27 Five Thirty Eight article by Leah Libresco: Donald Trump has held onto the support of evangelical Christians even as he has screwed up the name of a book of the Bible, but he’s doing terribly with Catholic voters, particularly those who are regular churchgoers. Catholics who attend Mass weekly have increased their support for the … [Read more...]

Tim Kaine gets a standing ovation at his parish

Catholic priests praise his nomination

The following comes from a July 26 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: Pro-abortion Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine received a standing ovation at his parish on Sunday and several Catholic priests praised his nomination. Meanwhile, as Catholics call for Kaine to be denied Communion in accord with the Church’s laws, his bishop in the Diocese … [Read more...]

Religion and the 2016 campaign

How are weekly mass-attending Catholics voting?

The following comes from a July 13 Pew Research Center post: Religious contours of 2016 campaign mostly match 2012 For the most part, the voting intentions of people in major religious groups closely resemble those seen in polling conducted at a similar point in the 2012 campaign. Currently, Clinton also holds a 17-point advantage among Catholic registered voters, … [Read more...]

Can we negotiate with Trump?

What pro-lifers can learn from 'The Art of the Deal'

The following comes from a May 8 Stream article by Jason Scott Jones: As pro-lifers and defenders of religious liberty, and citizens sincerely worried about the direction our nation is taking, we are faced with the question of how to deal with the triumph of Donald Trump in the GOP. Should we stand fast with the #NeverTrump movement, holding to the devastating criticisms … [Read more...]

Should Catholics ‘Trump’ Hillary?

Faithful Catholics may be forced to make a hard decision next November

The following comes from a February 29 Renew America article by Matt C. Abbott: It's looking more and more like the next presidential election will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, though it's not a given at this point. I asked one faithful (retired) bishop and a few faithful priests for their thoughts on whether Catholics should support Trump if he does end up being … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton calls for taxpayer funding of abortion

At Planned Parenthood endorsement event, she demands end to the Hyde Amendment

The following comes from a January 11 Blaze article by Kate Scanlon: Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the advocacy arm of the nation’s largest abortion provider, formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on Sunday. During the event, Clinton called for an end to the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment bars the use of federal taxpayer funding for elective abortions. … [Read more...]

President Brown?

Calif. pro-abort Catholic governor changes tone on run against Hillary

The following comes from a July 24 story on CaliforniaWatchdog Is the fourth time the charm for Gov. Jerry Brown’s presidential aspiration? The question may well have more to do with politics at the national level than the state level. Believe it or not, a fresh round of chatter and interest is springing up around the idea of yet another presidential run for … [Read more...]

Kmiec as protégé of Pope Francis

The following comes from a story dated Feb. 3 in the Weekly Standard. Doug Kmiec has had an amazing political journey. Today a chaired professor at Pepperdine Law School, Kmiec has traveled nearly the full gamut of public life: He worked in the Office of Legal Counsel under both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and pursued an active career teaching law, at Notre Dame and … [Read more...]