Medical group no longer opposed to assisted suicide bill

SACRAMENTO — The California Medical Association has become the first state medical association in the nation to drop opposition to what has long been known as “physician-assisted suicide,” it said, acknowledging a shift in doctor and

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Medical group no longer opposed to assisted suicide bill2015-05-21T23:55:38-07:00

Abortion isn’t basic healthcare

The following comes from an April 7 posting on the website of Assemblywoman Shannon Grove: SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Shannon Grove has introduced legislation (AB 1254) to stop state health officials from forcing

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Abortion isn’t basic healthcare2015-04-23T09:06:04-07:00

Catholic Hospitals vs. Labor Unions

This story comes from a February 26 article in the Sacramento Bee. SAN JOSE, California — The owners of six nonprofit Catholic hospitals filed a lawsuit accusing a labor union of trying to sabotage their attempt

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Catholic Hospitals vs. Labor Unions2015-02-27T11:30:11-08:00