$190 billion budget awaits action by governor

Governor Brown and Democratic legislative leaders have agreed on significant items in a $190 billion dollar budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  Lawmakers voted to approve the budget bill late Thursday, which will now go to the Governor who has

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California judge rules wife can end husband’s life support over sister’s objections

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that a spouse in California is the presumptive healthcare decision maker when the partner is in a persistent vegetative state. Ruling in the case of a San Gabriel Valley man, Los Angeles Superior Court

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Trump Administration to shield health care workers who don’t want to perform abortions

The Trump administration is poised to overhaul the HHS civil rights office as part of a broader plan to protect health workers who don't want to perform abortions, treat transgender patients seeking to transition or provide other services for which

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Nursing board tells pro-life centers to stop offering training on abortion-pill reversal

If there was any doubt about California’s status as the nation’s standard-bearer for abortion, a letter sent Sept. 5 by the state’s Board of Registered Nursing should clear that up in a jiffy. Acting at the behest of abortion activists

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The pro-life law that was killed in California

The following comes from a July 9 Angelus post: Churches and other organizations in California will be forced to buy insurance plans that cover abortions due to the Obama administration’s clear misinterpretation of a pro-life law, said prominent pro-life thinker

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Board of Supervisors set to again vote on the first Catholic senior living community in Orange County

The following comes from a November 30 Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange press release: For nearly 10 years, the Diocese of Orange has been planning a first-of-its-kind Catholic faith-based senior living community on a 7.25 acre site that it has

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The potential irony of a new health care non-discrimination rule

The following comes from a November 11 Catholic News Agency article by Matt Hadro: Proposed federal anti-discrimination rules could threaten the religious liberty of health care providers and also infringe on the privacy of patients, lawyers for the U.S. Catholic

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Firm sues California attorney general over bid for Catholic hospitals

The following comes from a September 21 LA Times article by Stuart Pfeifer: Hospital operator Prime Healthcare Services Incorporated is suing California Attorney General Kamala Harris for imposing strict restrictions that caused the Ontario company to back out of its attempted

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Don’t be afraid of the nursing home

The following comes from a June 26 Kaiser Health News article by Anna Gorman. Kaiser Health News (KHN) is a nonprofit national health policy news service. A California law allowing nursing homes to make medical decisions on behalf of certain mentally

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