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Insurers must cover all birth control

The following comes from a May 11 The Hill article by Peter Sullivan: Insurers must cover a wide range of contraceptive methods at no cost to consumers, the Obama administration said Monday in new guidance to

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Insurers must cover all birth control2015-05-13T16:55:49-07:00

Abortion isn’t basic healthcare

The following comes from an April 7 posting on the website of Assemblywoman Shannon Grove: SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Shannon Grove has introduced legislation (AB 1254) to stop state health officials from forcing

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Abortion isn’t basic healthcare2015-04-23T09:06:04-07:00

Notre Dame caves

  UnknownThe following comes from an Aug. 30 email from the Sycamore Trust, “alumni protecting Notre Dame’s Catholic identity.” Notre Dame is complying with the abortifacient/contraceptive

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Notre Dame caves2014-09-01T20:58:15-07:00

No, you can’t keep it

Franciscan University in Steubenville drops student coverage.

The following comes from a May 14 blog posting by Tom Crowe on

….Part of reason I like my current health insurance plan offered by my employer, Franciscan University of Steubenville, is

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No, you can’t keep it2012-05-19T11:54:51-07:00