The Church is for life

Pope Francis tells physicians they must defend human life "however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced”

 Ideologies which do not acknowledge and uphold the dignity of human life must be resisted and the Catholic Church’s teaching on life affirmed, Pope Francis told a group of Catholic doctors Monday. “The Church is for life, and her concern is that nothing is against life in the reality of a concrete existence, however weak or defenseless, even if not developed or not advanced,” … [Read more...]

Another pro-life law introduced in Congress

Citing California and New York as examples, bill's sponsor in the House says law needed to protect healthcare professionals who object to abortion

A bill that would protect health care providers’ freedom to opt-out of abortion mandates they find objectionable has once again been introduced in Congress. “This bill is needed to give health care providers the right to provide medical care without violating their deeply held beliefs,” Sen. James Lankford, sponsor of the bill in the Senate, stated on Friday. The Conscience … [Read more...]

US bishops: Replace before repeal

Once foes of Obamacare, USCCB now urging Congress to ensure Americans who need healthcare are covered before law is revoked

Any changes to health care law under the new administration should not abandon the principal of genuinely affordable health care for everyone, said the U.S. bishops in a letter to Congress. In American policy, they said, “we must not see health care as a luxury, but as a necessary building block to help individuals and families thrive and contribute to the good of the … [Read more...]

Sebelius says she sought religious ‘balance’

But ignored key precedents The following is a Catholic News Agency story which appeared on April 27. HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius says she was unaware of legal precedents confirming religious freedom, even as she sought a “balance” between believers' rights and the contraception mandate. “I'm not a lawyer, and I don't pretend to understand the nuances of the … [Read more...]

“Thoroughly ridiculous and embarrassing argument”

Priests for Life lawyer says Obama Administration ‘trying desperately’ to get lawsuit against HHS mandate dismissed STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. /Christian Newswire/ -- Priests for Life, a New York-based international pro-life organization of Catholic clergy and laity, announced on April 25 that the Obama Administration's lawyers are trying desperately to "shut down" the lawsuit … [Read more...]

Melinda Gates

I’m Catholic and contraception is not controversial The following excerpts come from an April 12 story on LifeSiteNews On Holy Thursday Melinda Gates publicly professed her Catholic faith and then personally attacked her Church over its position on contraception. I could not help but be reminded of Judas and his mysterious betrayal of Christ that night, sealed with a … [Read more...]

“Driven out of business”

San Francisco Catholic Charities identified as victim of government repression in tough new statement from U.S. bishops … [Read more...]

“Ingrown toenail surgery? Ear wax removal? Tonsillectomy?”

Communications director for state’s bishops wonders what the legislature could be thinking … [Read more...]

‘Materially and formally’ cooperating with sin

Cardinal Burke explains why Catholic employers can’t obey Obama administration’s contraception mandate … [Read more...]

No, again

Bishops respond to latest version of mandate … [Read more...]