Archbishop Gomez will be delegate to Synod on the Family

Archbishop Cordileone an alternate

The following comes from a Jan. 31 story on the website of Catholic News Agency. The Vatican has confirmed the participation of 48 delegates chosen by bishops' conferences to take part in this year's Synod on the Family. Included on the list are all those elected by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, the US's largest … [Read more...]

A new low

No secular coverage of Los Angeles archdiocese event

Pro-lifers are used to media blackouts of their events. The under reporting of Washington DC’s March for Life (which draws hundreds of thousands every year) or San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast which draws over 50,000 people. But the negligence of the mainstream media in refusing to cover the January 17 OneLife LA event in downtown Los Angeles sets a new low. As of … [Read more...]

A quality policy conversation

The following comes from a Jan. 17 story in the Tidings, archdiocese paper for Los Angeles. Incremental increases to poverty reduction programs in Governor Jerry Brown’s $155 billion proposed budget for 2014-15 don’t begin to meet the cuts sustained during the state’s recent Great Recession, said the top official at the bishops’ California Catholic Conference. Although an … [Read more...]

Archbishop Gomez: Immigration reform a spiritual issue

The following comes from a Jan. 10 letter written by Archbishop Jose Gomez in the Los Angeles archdiocese paper, the Tidings. The Church in the United States is observing National Migration Week, January 5-11. After a year of debate over comprehensive immigration reform, I get the sense that some people are tired of hearing about the issue. They seem to wish the Church … [Read more...]

Archbishop Gomez honors slain Salvadoran in LA ceremony

  The following comes from a Nov. 29 story on the Catholic News Agency website. Archbishop José Gomez blessed a plaza dedicated to Archbishop Oscar Romero at a Los Angeles Park Nov. 23, praising the peaceful vision of the murdered Salvadoran archbishop. “This gathering today is such a beautiful witness to his memory. My friends, this is what Archbishop Romero … [Read more...]

U.S. bishops to vote at Nov. 11-14 Baltimore meeting

The following comes from an Oct. 21 release from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will elect the next president and vice president of during the bishops’ annual fall General Assembly, November 11-14, at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott Hotel. The president and vice president are elected from a slate of 10 candidates … [Read more...]

The Church doesn’t serve the poor to please the government

Los Angeles archbishop Jose Gomez wrote the following June 21 posting on the First Things website.  On June 21, the night before the Catholic Church traditionally remembers the martyrdom of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More at the hands of King Henry VIII, American Catholics will begin a unique two-week vigil of prayer, sacrifice, and public witness for the cause of … [Read more...]

The Mexican martyrs

Relics at the Los Angeles Cathedral The following comes from a May 11 posting on the Los Angeles archdiocese website. Relics of six priests martyred during the Mexican Cristero War of the 1920s, and canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2000, will visit Los Angeles next week as part of a pilgrimage coordinated by the Knights of Columbus. The relics will be on display Monday … [Read more...]

The Angelicum in LA

Pontifical university has “summer campus” in Los Angeles From the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Since 2009, the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (The Angelicum) has made Los Angeles its summer campus for the study of canon law. In 2012, under the direction of Archbishop Gomez, the Angelicum has also agreed to make Los Angeles its summer campus for the study of … [Read more...]

Archbishop Gomez on the REC

“We can never substitute our own ‘version’ of Jesus or offer watered-down or partial versions of his teachings” The following are excerpts from a column by Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez published March 23 in the archdiocesan newspaper, The Tidings. A link to the full article is provided below. This is a big week for our local Church. Beginning this Thursday, March … [Read more...]