A bishop’s failure to enforce canon law does not excuse faithful from following it

Canon lawyer Edward Peters reflects on Cardinal Cupich's refusal to withhold Communion from persons in same-sex marriages, calls it "a failure to bishop"

It needs no long blog post from a canon lawyer to explain how wrong would be a failure by a bishop to protect his faithful against scandal (CCC 2284, 2287) and/or to defend the Eucharist against potential sacrilege (CCC 2120) but, make no mistake, in reiterating that “it is not [his] policy” to withhold holy Communion from persons in ‘same-sex marriages’, that is what Cdl. … [Read more...]

Decision time: Your gay friend is getting ‘married’

Before you receive an RSVP, it is essential to think through a few questions

There are Christians of my acquaintance who are against the legalization of same-sex “marriage” and its threat to religious liberty, but cannot see how their attendance at a gay friend’s wedding would undermine those values and their Christian witness. Quite the opposite, they believe that declining the invitation would be hurtful to their friend and contrary to the ethic of … [Read more...]

San Jose Catholic church publicizes employee’s gay marriage on parish website

"John and his husband Willie are the parents of twin third graders at St. Clare School"

A parish in the San Jose diocese in California is openly employing a gay married man, who is an active member of the parish council. Saint Clare parish in Santa Clara has posted on its parish website brief biographies of their parish council members. On a page titled "Meet the St. Clare Parish Council," the biography of parishioner John Sullivan ends with the following: "John … [Read more...]

Can you teach the truth and not be a hater?

Diocese of Phoenix and Courage International organize the Truth and Love conference to counter a "misplaced compassion"

In a country where gay marriage has gained widespread acceptance – both culturally and legally – in the past several years, it can be difficult for pastors or others in ministry to stick to the Church’s teachings on the subject without feeling like a bigot or a hater. Difficult, but certainly not impossible, said leaders at the Truth and Love conference this week in … [Read more...]

USF president endorses same-sex “marriage”

California Catholic Daily exclusive: Jesuit Father Paul Fitzgerald publicly congratulates lesbian couple

On April 14, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on the ‘marriage’ of the coach of the women’s basketball team at the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco, Jennifer Azzi. Ms. Azzi, who has coached the team since 2010, announced that she was ‘married’ to Ms. Blair Hardiek on March 31. The high-profile event made national news. It also offered an important opportunity for the … [Read more...]

Conservative professor hounded out of his job by LGBT groups

Robert Lopez grew up with two moms - and says the situation was harmful

The following comes from a November 10 Patheos article by Kathy Schiffer: Robert Oscar Lopez grew up with two moms. Lopez, who is now a professor of English and Classics at California State Northridge, was raised by his lesbian mother and her partner. He was loved, but it was hard–he always felt like a misfit in society, and he didn’t learn the relationship skills that would … [Read more...]

What Scalia said at Santa Clara University

Supreme Court Justice says he’s a dissident on a liberal court

The following comes from an October 29 SF Gate article by Bob Egelko: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, widely viewed as the leader of the court’s dominant conservative bloc, told law students at Santa Clara University on Wednesday that he’s actually a dissident on a liberal court, one whose prevailing view threatens “the destruction of our democratic … [Read more...]

Archbishop Cupich lays out pathway for gay couples to receive Communion

If your conscience says okay, then it's okay

The following comes from an October 16 LifeSiteNews article by John-Henry Westen and Pete Baklinski: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7pXAeQ57is Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago  — who is participating in the Synod of the Family at Pope Francis’ personal invitation —  said at a press scrum in the Vatican press office [yesterday] afternoon that the conscience is … [Read more...]

Gay marriages aren’t sinful, says Catholic priest

Who is Father Danielson to judge?

The following comes from an October 5 Catholic Voice article by Father Dan Danielson. This was Father Danielson's homily, slightly edited, at Mass on June 28. He is the former administrator of the Diocese of Oakland and retired pastor of the Catholic Community of Pleasanton. A homosexual orientation is born, not made. No one simply chooses to be "gay." Studies have shown … [Read more...]

That’s not what Pope Francis said

Catholics support gay marriage as much as general population and believe the pope has backed It, study finds

The following is from an August 27 Christian Post article by Stoyan Zaimov: A study by the Public Religion Research Institute released in August on the beliefs of American Catholics has found that despite the Church's teachings, they support same-sex marriage and abortion just as much as the general population. What is more, a large percentage of Catholic respondents … [Read more...]