Gay deacon and the Jesuits offer Catholic LGBTQ workshop

Brian Bromberger 'sees no contradictions' in his diaconate, yet writes glowingly of gay porn documentaries

(Warning: Some links contain graphic descriptions and images.)  Through their Ignatian Spiritual Life Center, the Jesuit-run parish of St. Agnes Church, located in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco, will host a workshop (on May 20, 2017) entitled: LGBTQ Gifts for the Institution Church. The “facilitator” for the workshop will be Brian Bromberger, a Deacon of the … [Read more...]

How the ‘pirate nun’ changed a gay man’s life

The following comes from a March 29 Catholic News Agency article by Mary Rezac: Paul Darrow went to his first gay beach when he was 15. Soon after, he hitchhiked his way to New York, where there was a thriving gay scene and where he could pursue a career in modeling. Once there, he landed a high-end job as an international model and rubbed elbows with celebrities at clubs … [Read more...]

What does Father Link know that the Archdiocese of San Francisco doesn’t?

Most Holy Redeemer pastor cancels homosexual Jesuit’s appearance — will archdiocese follow suit?

On March 13, Joseph Sciambra, writing at his blog, published an article called “Radical pro-gay Priest who teaches of a ‘gay’ Jesus to speak at Catholic San Francisco Parish.” The article, documenting the scheduled April 9 appearance of Jesuit Father Donal Godfrey at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer Church, was subsequently picked up by a number of Catholic … [Read more...]

Radical pro-gay priest to speak at Catholic San Francisco parish

Father Donal Godfrey has a long history of challenging Church teaching on homosexuality

The following comes from a blog post by Joseph Sciambra, former gay porn star and author of Swallowed by Satan: How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult: Donal Godfrey SJ, a Liverpool-born Jesuit priest noted for his ministry to the “gay” community, which openly challenges Catholic teachings on homosexuality, will speak at Most Holy … [Read more...]

Not just a photo op

Vatican offended by Obama’s invite of LGBT activists to White House, worried photos with pope will be seen as endorsement

The following comes from a September 21 Washington Times article by Jessica Chasmar: The Vatican is reportedly offended by the Obama administration’s decision to invite LGBT activists to the pope’s welcoming ceremony in Washington D.C. On Wednesday, Pope Francis will be greeted on the White House lawn by Mr. Obama and thousands of guests, including Mateo Williamson, a … [Read more...]

Archdiocesan paper pushes heretical parish for second week in a row

Ex-gay porn actor sends message to Most Holy Redeemer parish in San Francisco

On July 18, CalCatholic reported on a long article in the July 17 issue of Catholic San Francisco, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, on the city’s notorious Most Holy Redeemer parish. The Catholic San Francisco author managed 1100 words on the parish without mentioning any of events that have made Most Holy Redeemer infamous worldwide.  Now, in a bizarre and … [Read more...]

Collective Education

Same-sex "marriage" film Screened at San Francisco Jesuit Parish

The endgame of the battle between the Catholic Church, as personified by the Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, and the champions of “gay rights” who now comprise the entire media, political, and economic power structure of the city of San Francisco, and much of the Western World, when thought through, resolves itself into one single issue: will sodomy to be … [Read more...]

Expect to see this on the California Catholic Conference website?

In case you need it: an option for "Mr. and Mr."

The following comes from a June 5 email from one of our readers: Subject: California Catholic Conference Legislation Web Page Date: June 5, 2015 1:06:01 PM PDT To: I just went to the Legislation webpage for the California Catholic Conference to fill out their petition form to send to my Assembly Member. To my surprise, when I used their drop down … [Read more...]

Exhibit A for the archbishop: Fr. Donal Godfrey at Stuart Hall for Boys

Activist homosexual priest invited to celebrate SF school’s first communion

On Saturday, April 26, San Francisco’s Stuart Hall for Boys elementary school, the male elementary school of the San Francisco’s “Schools of the Sacred Heart” held the boys’ First Holy Communion. Of the hundreds of priests serving in Archdiocese of San Francisco who could have celebrated, Stuart Hall chose one of the most notorious homosexual activist priests in the world, Fr. … [Read more...]

Drag show at USD, again

California campus steps away from Catholic identity

The following comes from a March 20 TFP Student Action article by Matthew Miller: For a fourth year, basic Catholic teaching and moral decency will be pushed into the closet at the University of San Diego -- a Catholic institution in southern California -- to make way for the aggressive demands of the homosexual agenda.     According to the … [Read more...]