From gangs to consecrated life

Brother Cesar John Paul Galan makes perpetual profession of vows

The following comes from a December 23 Angelus article by Michael Wahle: On April of 2001, St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood served as the site of the greatest loss Brother Cesar John Paul Galan, FSP, would ever endure: the death of his brother Hector due to gun violence. Nearly 15 years later, the same medical center became the site of his greatest triumph. In a Mass … [Read more...]

Slavery surpasses drug trade in San Diego

Children of the Immaculate Heart hosting a human trafficking forum on May 11

The following is from an article by Grace Williams of Children of the Immaculate Heart: Jesus used the words “captive” and “oppressed” to begin his earthly ministry, declaring that the Spirit was upon him to give liberty to those who are oppressed. There are many forms of captivity in our world today – spiritual captivity to sin, political oppression by unjust powers, and … [Read more...]