What to do with those leftover embryos?

The disposal ceremony is known as compassionate transfer

The following comes from a June 17 story in the New York Times. Since the first American “test tube” baby was born in 1981, in vitro fertilization, at a cost of $12,000 or more per cycle, has grown to account for more than 1.5 percent of all United States births. The embryos with the greatest chance of developing into a healthy baby are used first, and the excess are … [Read more...]

Life imitates art in Hollywood

The highest-paid actress in US television is embroiled in a dispute over embryos

The following comes from a May 6 National Right to Life News article by Michael Cook: Sophia Vergara, highest-paid TV actress in the United States, who stars in Modern Family, a popular TV show which depicts the kaleidoscopic formations of contemporary families (at least families in southern California), has become embroiled in a dispute over embryos. With her former … [Read more...]

The unwitting death of many

Freezer burn and poison take care of nearly half of frozen embryos

  The following comes from a June 18 story in Crisis magazine. Karla and Jacob began dating in 2009 when they were 42 and 32 years old, respectively. After Karla was diagnosed with lymphoma, and “despite neither of them thinking the relationship had long-term prospects,” both agreed to have human embryos created from their gametes. These were frozen for later use … [Read more...]