Bishop Barron: don’t water down Christianity

LA auxiliary bishop tells 8000 attendees at Catholic leadership conference: "Christ commands his mystical Body the Church to do what he did, and to say what he said. That’s it… that’s the task of the Church to the present day"

Speaking to some 8,000 people at Student Leadership Summit in Chicago, Bishop Robert Barron said on Tuesday that trust in the risen Christ should give us the courage to preach the truth boldly. In bringing the message of heaven to earth, Catholics should be careful not to water down the Gospel or fall for bland and uninspiring half-truths, he said. He recalled an encounter … [Read more...]

Sent forth from Fullerton

Missionaries from FOCUS at Cal State-Fullerton called to serve students across the country

The following comes from a September 14 OC Catholic article by Allyson Escobar: When California State University Fullerton (CSUF) English major, recent graduate, and new missionary Jeena Rudy met her first college campus missionary, she thought her job sounded awful. “Look at me now,” Rudy, a parishioner at St. Joseph’s in Placentia, laughs. “I always knew that I had a … [Read more...]

FOCUS missionaries share Catholicism on campus

”My father got his doctorate at Columbia, but at the same time he lost his faith”

California Catholic Daily Exclusive "My father got his doctorate at Columbia, but at the same time he lost his faith.”
With those words, on August 14, Fr. Joseph Illo, pastor of Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco, introduced Ms. Jessica Yap, a missionary from FOCUS stationed at Columbia University in New York City. FOCUS stands for the Fellowship of Catholic … [Read more...]