Pope Francis’ challenge to Castro

Gift from the pontiff had significance to Cuban dictator

The following comes from a September 23 Christian Review article by Peter LaFave: There’s no precise record of what Pope St. Leo the Great told Attila the Hun outside Rome’s lofty gates, but we do know that the savage Hun—moved by the Pontiff’s heed—had a drastic change of heart and spared a defenseless Rome from his bloodthirsty horde. When a dictator meets a Pope, he … [Read more...]

Pope Francis arrives in the US, denies being a leftist

"I haven’t said a single thing that’s not in the social doctrine of the Church"

The following comes from a September 22 Crux article by John L. Allen Jr. WASHINGTON, DC – Pope Francis arrived in the United States to a boisterous welcome Tuesday, telling reporters on the papal plane that he won’t raise the Cuban embargo in his speech to Congress and rejecting the suggestion that he’s a political leftist. “Maybe there’s an impression I’m a little bit … [Read more...]