US House to vote on banning abortion after 20 weeks

Micah Pickering was born prematurely at 20 weeks. His eyes were “fused shut,” according to his mother, and his bones were still soft. He spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit. Yet Micah survived against the odds, and

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The leading fetal surgeon says unborn feel pain at 21-25 weeks

The following comes from a September 3 story by Steven Ertelt on Earlier this year, as members of Congress debated a bill to ban late-term abortions, a national debate ensued over the question of whether unborn children feel pain.

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Supreme Court abortion fight – in time for 2016 elections

The following comes from a late July story on ABC News. The cornerstone of the modern abortion rights movement is under siege. Twelve states have passed laws banning abortions at 20 or fewer weeks after conception, all directly flaunting the

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