Facebook blocks funding for pro-life movie

A crowdfunding site for a theatrical drama in production that promises to tell the “true story” of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that established a “right” to abortion has been blocked by Facebook. The movie’s producer, Nick Loeb, told

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Downey priest suspended from Facebook for post about Islam

Facebook temporarily suspended the account of Catholic priest Fr. John Higgins in response to a post he made about the history of Islam. Here’s the offending post: “There are peaceful and good Muslim people,” his post reads in part. “And

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Jesuit school bans criticism of Tim Kaine

The following comes from a September 19 Renew America article by Matt C. Abbott: It appears that officials of Brophy College Preparatory, a Jesuit high school in Phoenix, Arizona and part of the California Province of the Society of Jesus,

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Surprise! Facebook blacklists trending topics and conservative news outlets

The following comes from a May 3 Federalist article: If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’ve noticed the list of trending topics on the vertical navbar along the right side of the page. You may have even clicked one or two of

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