The devil hates Latin

Exorcist for San Jose diocese tells group that Satan despises "the universal language of the Church"

The following comes from a February 16 New Liturgical Movement article by David Clayton: I just attended a talk by the exorcist for diocese of San Jose, Father Gary Thomas. I wanted to pass on one little comment that he made almost in passing. I do not know where he stands liturgically in regard to the Mass - there was nothing in what he said that led me to believe that … [Read more...]

Noted exorcist to speak at San Francisco parish

Father Gary Thomas will be at Star of the Sea this Sunday, January 31

Probably no rite in the Catholic Church has been more subject to misunderstanding than that of exorcism. The reasons are legion: the rite seems ridiculous to many modern people to whom the existence of the devil is an absurd superstition; the rite lends itself to sensationalism, particularly in movies, where it is pretty much a guaranteed money-maker; and the rite seems to … [Read more...]

The devil’s favorite sin

Barcelona's exorcist is interviewed

The following comes from a December 28 Catholic News Agency article: It has been nine years since the Dominican priest, Father Juan José Gallego, was appointed as exorcist. In an August interview conducted by the Spanish daily El Mundo, the priest said that in his experience, pride is the sin the devil likes the most. “In the beginning I had a lot of fear,” Father Gallego … [Read more...]

Exorcist disturbed by new California law

An interview Father Gary Thomas and Father Vince Lampert

The following comes from an October 30 Christian Review article by Peter LaFave: They’ve witnessed the stuff of Hollywood-horror variety, including levitation. They’ve trained under a master exorcist in Rome, and have counseled hundreds of individuals suffering demonic influence. They’re humble, they acknowledge personified evil, but are never afraid, because Christ’s … [Read more...]

The exorcism that you didn’t hear about

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons?

The following comes from a June 16 Catholic News Agency article by David Ramos: Can a country with deep Christian roots like Mexico find itself at the mercy of demons? Some in the Church fear so. And as a result, they called for a nation-wide exorcism of Mexico, carried out quietly last month in the cathedral of San Luis Potosí. High levels of violence, as well as drug … [Read more...]