The dilemma facing Latino Evangelicals

They oppose abortion and favor traditional marriage, but most can't accept Trump

The following comes from a May 23 LA Times article by Kate Linthicum: Samuel Rodriguez is the kind of Latino whom Republicans hoped they could count on in 2016. An evangelical Christian pastor who opposes the Democratic Party’s stance on abortion and same-sex marriage, Rodriguez led a prayer onstage at the 2012 GOP national convention. This election cycle, he publicly … [Read more...]

Is the Catholic Church’s centuries-old grip on Latin America slipping away?

Protestant numbers rise as many Catholics simply drop the faith

The following comes from a Cuenca High Life article by Michael Paulson: A sweeping new survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center, finds that 69 percent of Latin American adults say they are Catholic, down from an estimated 90 percent for much of the 20th century. The decline appears to have accelerated recently: Eight-four percent of those surveyed said they were raised … [Read more...]

More than half of young Catholic American families are Latino

Despite recent decline, Hispanic presence in church crucial to its future

The following comes from a July 27 Latin Post article by Nicole Akoukou Thompson: More than half of young Catholic families (53 percent) identify themselves as Latino or Hispanic compared with 32 percent of all Catholics, according to a recent survey. Could the presence of Hispanic families in the Catholic Church indicate Latino congregational growth, or at least the slowing … [Read more...]

Who’s not excited about Pope Francis?

Many indigenous Ecuadorians have abandoned Catholicism

The following comes from a July 5 CuencaHighLife article by Paola Lopez: Thirty years ago, Gustavo Negrete took his wooden cross and joined other indigenous Ecuadorans to greet Pope John Paul II. But he has no interest in seeing Pope Francis on Sunday. Like a growing number of indigenous people in Latin America, Negrete has turned his back on the Roman Catholic faith that … [Read more...]

The way forward: Accommodation or proclamation?

Saying secularism causes the decline in religious affiliation is like saying the reason for the downpour outdoors is that it’s raining.

The following comes from a June 11 Catholic World Report article by Russell Shaw: In its first “religious landscape” study in seven years, the Pew Research Center found membership dropping steeply in most Christian bodies except for Evangelicals, among whom the loss was much smaller. In seven years the percentage of American adults describing themselves as Christians fell by … [Read more...]