Pro-Cordileone picnic getting bigger and better

SF archbishop support event moves to bigger location - City advises larger venue

The following comes from an April 29 email from San Francisco Catholics: San Francisco’s May 16 Archbishop Family Support Picnic has been moved to a new location. The picnic, an opportunity for San Francisco Catholics to support their faithful Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, has been moved to San Francisco’s Sue Bierman Park, at the foot of Market Street. The picnic, which … [Read more...]

Using pope’s words to discredit church teaching doesn’t work

Brian Cahill asserts that Catholic view of sexuality is outdated

The following is from Eva Muntean, leader of the Walk for Life and Brian Cahill makes a startling assertion in his latest opinion piece on the editorial pages of the San Francisco Chronicle—that the Catholic Church’s teaching on human sexuality is outdated and equivalent to the discredited view of the earth as flat. In just about every column or utterance … [Read more...]