It’s easy to follow the rules when you don’t know how to break them

A lab-grown human embryo has reignited an old ethical debate

The following comes from a May 4 Science Magazine article by Patrick Monahan: It’s easy to obey a rule when you don’t have the means to break it. For decades, many countries have permitted human embryos to be studied in the laboratory only up to 14 days after their creation by in vitro fertilization. But—as far as anyone knows—no researcher has ever come close to the limit. … [Read more...]

Chinese alter genetics of human embryo

Scientific community: "we feel some urgency"

The following comes from an April 24 Science magazine article by Jocelyn Kaiser and Dennis Normile: The announcement that a Chinese team had altered the genetics of a human embryo for the first time has ignited a firestorm of controversy around the world and renewed recent calls for a moratorium on any attempt to establish a pregnancy with such an engineered embryo. But … [Read more...]