Embryos are human, not property

Nonprofit law firm files amicus briefs in embryo custody cases

The following comes from a December 23 Christian Newswire press release: The Thomas More Society has requested leave to file amicus briefs in two embryo custody battles. The national public interest law firm is interceding in the Missouri Court of Appeals McQueen v. Gadberry case on behalf of Missouri Right to Life, Lawyers for Life and the American Association of Pro-Life … [Read more...]

Adult stem cells back to embryonic state

  The following comes from a Sept. 11 story on the BBC News. The living tissue inside an animal has been regressed back into an embryonic state for the first time, Spanish researchers say. They believe it could lead to new ways of repairing the body, for example after a heart attack. However, the study published in the journal Nature, showed the technique … [Read more...]