Churches worth driving to

St. Peter Chaldean, El Cajon

Name of Church St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral Address 1627 Jamacha Way, El Cajon, CA 92019 Phone number (619) 579-7913 Website Mass times Saturday vigil, 4 p.m. (English). Sunday, 8 a.m. (Arabic), 10 a.m. (English), noon (Chaldean/Aramaic), 4 p.m. (English). (View Masses on their Facebook page, … [Read more...]

Pro-lifers target new FPA location in El Cajon

“If we all show up, the surrounding tenants will complain to the landlord - and most importantly we can save a life or two of precious children”

Local pro-lifers will storm heaven with prayer next week outside a newly opened California surgical abortion location, asking God to shut it down.  “We need to pray that this new killing clinic will be shut down,” wrote Allyson Smith in an announcement to local pro-lifers, asking them to come and pray next Tuesday at the new Family Planning Associates abortion clinic located … [Read more...]

Chaldean Catholic communities flourish in the American southwest

California has grown into a major hub for Christians fleeing Iraq

The following comes from a CNEWA article by Joyce Coronel: Zinah Marzana’s blue-green eyes fill with tears as she recalls the moment her life changed forever. It was December, and she was holding her infant son as her husband, Zergo, drove along the road outside Tel Kaif in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Plain. Her brother sat in the front seat beside her husband. Somehow, they’d … [Read more...]

Chaldeans travel underground railroad to El Cajon

Iraqi Christians hope for a better life in San Diego

The following comes from an August 22 San Diego Union-Tribune article by Peter Rowe and Tatiana Sanchez: Last summer, as ISIS fighters swept toward his home in northern Iraq, slaughtering “infidels” and demolishing their communities, Fadi Hirmiz grew frantic. “ISIS was getting closer and closer to our village,” Hirmiz said through an interpreter. “I was afraid for my … [Read more...]

Chaldean patriarch says no to Pope

Calif. priests must return to Iraq

The following comes from a Jan. 15 story in the Los Angeles Times. Intervention by Pope Francis has apparently not solved the schism between a prominent Chaldean priest in eastern San Diego County and the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq. At issue is a demand by Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako that Father Noel Gorgis and several other Chaldean priests in the … [Read more...]

Breathing easier in El Cajon

Pope Francis overrules patriarch

The following comes from a Jan. 8 story on Channel 10 News, San Diego. In a landmark decision, Pope Francis has ruled that a priest who is part of the San Diego Iraqi Christian community will not have to return to Iraq. The Pope this week overturned a decree that would have sent Father Noel Gorgis of the St. Peters Chaldean Church in El Cajon back to Iraq. In October … [Read more...]

Calif. Chaldeans fight Islamist recruiting

Look for clues on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The following comes from a Nov. 15 story in the Sacramento Bee. ….An estimated 70,000 Iraqis, mostly Chaldean Catholics, live in the San Diego region, the second-largest Iraqi population in the nation, after Detroit. The U.S. government has resettled several thousand Iraqis in San Diego since 2007. Many have settled about 15 miles east of the city in El Cajon, home to St. … [Read more...]