Pope revamps ecclesiastical universities

New apostolic constitution calls for “radical” reform to ecclesiastical universities and institutions, abrogates any contrary norms established by John Paul II

On Monday Pope Francis released a new apostolic constitution calling for a “radical” reform to the nature and curriculum of ecclesiastical universities and institutions. “The primary need today is for the whole People of God to be ready to embark upon a new stage of Spirit-filled evangelization,” the Pope said in the document, “Vertatis Gaudium.” This new stage of … [Read more...]

Is this really going on at a Catholic college?

Theologians at USF, Santa Clara undermine church teaching

The following comes from an October 7 Catholic Education Daily article by Justin Petrisek:  With the start of a new academic year, some theologians are again using their positions as Catholic professors to undermine Church teaching. Recent examples include Vincent Pizzuto of the University of San Francisco (USF) and Gary Macy of Santa Clara University (SCU), both Jesuit … [Read more...]

Religion doesn’t have to get in the way of your sex life

UCSB guide teaches students to reconcile faith with homosexual behavior

The following comes from a September 18 Campus Reform article by Peter Hasson: The University of California Santa Barbara has published a “Homosexuality and Religion” guide, detailing how to reconcile one’s faith with homosexual behavior. The guide, which is part of the Sociology Department’s “Sex Info Online” website, is full of life advice such as “[i]t is 100% possible … [Read more...]

University of California seeks create right to be free from intolerance

Wonder if these protections apply to Christians?

The following comes from a September 14 MRCTV article by Ashley Rae Goldenberg: Just months after the University of California was criticized for its “recognizing microaggressions” handout, the University of California Board of Regents will be considering a policy to make the university system “free from acts and expressions of intolerance.” Eugene Volokh of the … [Read more...]

Catholic schools make prayer a priority

Safe haven for prayer

The following comes from an August 27 Angelus article by Julie Schnieders: It’s back-to-school for Catholic school students throughout the archdiocese. But with busy schedules and ever-increasing demands on administrators and teachers, how do educators make prayer a priority in Catholic schools? The Tidings spoke to Kevin Baxter, superintendent of Catholic schools for the … [Read more...]

“Despite what your parents say” — Planned Parenthood’s corruption of youth

John Bowen recounts battle to keep the abortion giant out of Coronado schools

The following comes from a Live Action News article by John Bowen: In early 2002, I was asked to join a group of about a dozen friends whose goal was to oust Planned Parenthood from making sex-ed presentations to our high school students here in Coronado, California.  At the time, all I knew of PP was that they provided abortion – which seemed like an unpleasant way to make … [Read more...]

Morality fight goes on

Faithful identity leads to success for Catholic schools, new report says

The following comes from a July 29 SF Chronicle article by Jill Tucker: Teachers at four Catholic high schools emerged from an emotional and drawn-out contract battle this week with a tentative agreement that limits the ability of San Francisco’s archdiocese to link their private lives to their job description. Yet amid the gains at the bargaining table, critics feared … [Read more...]

Pick a gender, any gender

California students now given six ‘gender identity’ choices on college admissions applications

The following comes from a July 27 College Fix article by Jacob Kohlhepp: Questions about gender identity and sexual orientation have been added to admissions applications used by the University of California system, including no less than six choices for students when checking off their “gender identity.” One new question posed to those seeking admittance to the system – … [Read more...]

Fresno Catholic school closure shocks parents, staff

Our Lady of Miracles School cites low enrollment, lack of leadership as cause for closure

The following comes from a July 23 Westside Connect article: GUSTINE - Students, parents and staff members at Our Lady of Miracles School, who had been preparing for the start of a new school year in a few short weeks, were stunned to learn Wednesday that the K-8 parochial school is closing. On Thursday, members of the Our Lady of Miracles community vowed to do everything … [Read more...]

Priests needed in Catholic schools

Problem becoming more of a concern to U.S. Conference of Bishops

The following comes from a July 7 Catholic Education Daily article by Kimberly Scharfenberger:   The priest’s presence in Catholic schools is a crucial component of faithful Catholic education and must be reintegrated for the benefit of young people, especially considering the secular impact on today’s academic environment, argues the organizer of an upcoming seminar … [Read more...]