Canon lawyer Ed Peters answers Pope Francis defender John Allen

Loose lips cause slips

  The following comes from a June 17 posting on the Canon Law Blog by Ed Peters. Peters is the former canon lawyer for the San Diego diocese. Peters is responding to the news reported widely on June 17 that Pope Francis said a majority of sacramental marriages are invalid. After criticism of this, John Allen defended the pope’s statement in a June 17 post on … [Read more...]

Sure, celibacy is “disciplinary”, but then, so is …

The following comes from an Apr. 10 posting by Ed Peters on his CanonLawBlog. In the wake of the latest off-hand, private, ambiguous, papal comment to be trumpeted around the world as a harbinger of impending change, I note that, for the proverbial umpteenth time, solemn heads are nodding in agreement that clerical celibacy is “merely disciplinary.” Good grief, everyone … [Read more...]