Pope Francis says abortion reflects a Nazi mentality

"We do the same as the Nazis to maintain the purity of the race, but with white gloves,” pontiff says in June 16 remarks

In a speech to a family association Saturday, Pope Francis again stressed that God's vision of the family is between a man and a woman, and compared the abortion of children who are sick or disabled to a Nazi mentality. “I've heard that it's fashionable, or at least usual, that when in the first few months of pregnancy they do studies to see if the child is healthy or has … [Read more...]


‘I don't want his life to be just a prop’

This YouTube link was sent to Cal Catholic on June 18. The video was uploaded in 2012 but continues to get views and comments. A sample of comments follows: Che Mago via Google+ 6 months ago I don't know if you guys heard about the story of baby boy #christianbuchanan (blind since birth) .. This is a video of her mom Lacey sharing her joy of being a mom. Sharing how … [Read more...]