Crisis in the pews

San Diego Catholics shaken by abuse revelations, cover-ups; "listening sessions" with bishop expose anger, division, distrust

Mary Josweg is a 21st century Catholic, but she sounds an awful lot like the 16th century Protestant reformer Martin Luther. “The church needs to get cleansed,” said Josweg, 69, a parishioner at St. Patrick’s in Carlsbad. “I believe in Jesus as the son of God and Creator of the world — I happen to be Catholic. But the organization that I belong to is totally corrupt.” Josweg … [Read more...]

San Diego bishop announces ‘town hall’ meetings on sex-abuse scandals

Bishop Robert McElroy plans eight meetings in October to get "input from people in the pews"

(The following letter was distributed at this weekend's Masses. ) My brothers and sisters in Christ: I am writing to the entire Catholic community of San Diego and Imperial Counties this week to speak about the unspeakable — the sexual abuse of minors by priests which was detailed in the report of the grand jury in Pennsylvania. The individual stories of abuse that robbed the … [Read more...]

San Diego bishops join protest at Otay Mesa Detention Center

Bishop Robert McElroy: "If Mary, Joseph and Jesus had come to our border last week as refugees, the child Jesus would have been ripped from their arms and put in a cage"

When Jesus was born He was hunted by the government, forcing His family to flee the country and seek refuge, Bishop Robert W. McElroy told an estimated 1,000 people who gathered outside the gate of a federal detention facility. “I grieve because I think of the fact that if Mary, Joseph and Jesus had come to our border last week as refugees, the child Jesus would have been … [Read more...]

“This is not a war zone”

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy joins fellow bishops with dioceses along U.S.-Mexico border in statement regarding deployment of National Guard

In response to announcements regarding deploying the U.S. National Guard to the U.S./Mexico Border, the U.S. Catholic Bishops of the U.S.-Mexico Border, including San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy, issued the following statement:  “We are deeply concerned by the announcement that the National Guard will be deployed on the U.S./Mexico Border. The continued militarization of the … [Read more...]

San Diego bishop bans outspoken pro-life priest from writing bulletin columns

Father Richard Perozich has been told by Bishop Robert McElroy he may no longer express views directly to parishioners

The following comes from a November 30 LifeSiteNews article by Claire Chretien: San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy ordered a pastor to cease publishing columns in his church's weekly bulletin after the priest wrote in support of the Catholic Church's teaching on intrinsic evils and took strong stands on matters of prudential judgment within Catholic teaching. Father Richard … [Read more...]

The Benedict bishop bump

Hopeful response to those worried about San Diego

The following comes from a Catholic Vote article by Thomas Peters. Full article here. One of the memes currently circulating is that Pope Francis is in the midst of radically changing the American episcopate in a leftward, “progressive” direction. The two examples cited are the appointments of Bishop Blaise Cupich to Chicago and now Robert W. McElroy as bishop of San … [Read more...]