“I was fired”

Sister Ann Weltz, founder and executive director of Bay Area Crisis Nursery in Oakland diocese, forced out after 37 years; board of directors won't say why

For 37 years, the Bay Area Crisis Nursery has been Sister Ann Weltz’s life. She lives in the house next door. She didn’t have a personal telephone number. Anyone wanting to reach her called the nursery. The Bay Area Crisis Nursery, which Sister Ann founded and has served as executive director, is the only emergency, 24-hour nursery in the Bay Area. Parents facing a crisis, or … [Read more...]

Tijuana archbishop concelebrates Mass, gives homily in Oakland diocese

Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barrón visited four parishes to offer catechesis in advance of Mass honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe

Work, humanity and bridges of collaboration are needed to make progress in dealing with migration, advises the archbishop of Tijuana, Mexico. The archbishop, Most Rev. Francisco Moreno Barrón, visited the Oakland diocese at the invitation of Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ. Archbishop Moreno concelebrated the Mass honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe and gave the homily on Dec. … [Read more...]

“We were shocked”

Oakland Bishop Michael Barber offers opinion on why Vatican asked U.S. bishops to wait on abuse measures: "The Holy See doesn’t want us to get too far ahead of the rest of the Church"

The following is by Bishop Michael C. Barber of the Oakland: All the Catholic bishops of the USA meet twice a year. We just concluded our November meeting, during which we, as a body, had planned to vote on specific “Action Steps” to purify the Church following the Cardinal Theodore McCarrick scandal, the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report and the Archbishop Carlo Vigano … [Read more...]

“We have nothing to hide”

In letter to faithful, Oakland Bishop Michael Barber says names of all credibly accused priests in diocese will be released in about 45 days

The following is an excerpt of a letter from Bishop Barber of Oakland: Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, In the wake of recent reports of scandal in the Catholic Church, I have decided the Diocese of Oakland will release the names of all clergy — diocesan, religious order and extern priests — who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor. This is the latest … [Read more...]

Oakland bishop suspends pastor after accused priest allowed to administer sacraments

Bishop Michael Barber places pastor of St. Isidore Parish in Danville on leave for letting priest accused of inappropriate behavior with children say Mass and offer sacraments

The Bishop of Oakland has put a Danville pastor on leave after learning he let an itinerant priest who was removed from ministry over a child abuse accusation in another diocese celebrate Mass and sacraments at St. Isidore Parish. In a Sept. 21 letter to parishioners read at Mass last weekend, Bishop Michael C. Barber said he learned last week from another diocese’s … [Read more...]

Bishop Barber wants priests released from the Papal Secret

Oakland Bishop Michael Barber says priests who worked in the Roman Curia and U.S. diocesan offices should be allowed to testify in sex-abuse inquiries

The following is by Most Rev. Michael C. Barber, SJ: Many Catholics have had their faith shaken by the recent revelations in Pennsylvania, the scandalous behavior of an American cardinal and the recent letter from the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. I’ve been in the Navy Reserve for 27 years. Every year about 50 admirals, generals and commanding officers of … [Read more...]

Liturgy remains a priority in Oakland diocese

Bishop Michael Barber reflects on his first five years as bishop

The Catholic Voice asked Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, to talk about his first five years as bishop of Oakland, and what he wants to accomplish: What about being in Oakland has surprised and/or delighted you? When I arrived, I had priests tell me that Oakland had some of the biggest challenges of any diocese in the United States but also some of the biggest opportunities and … [Read more...]

Oakland bishop names executive director for Lumen Christi Academies

Bishop Michael Barber has appointed longtime Catholic educator Rodney Pierre-Antoine to head network of seven elementary schools within the diocese

Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, has appointed Rodney Pierre-Antoine as the founding executive director of the new Lumen Christi Academies, a network of seven elementary schools within the Diocese of Oakland. Pierre-Antoine will begin his work in leading the new network May 14, 2018. Pierre-Antoine has served as a Catholic educator in the East Bay Area for most of his career, … [Read more...]

“Children in the womb are real people”

Oakland Bishop Michael Barber embraces 'seamless garment,' but notes "you can't enjoy an affordable house or earn a living wage if you are not alive to begin with"

There are many arguments we can make in favor of life, for human rights for the child in the womb, concern for the most innocent and neglected people in our society, the toll abortion takes on the mother — but the most convincing argument for me is when I meet a young person who says to me "My mother was going to have an abortion, and then changed her mind at the last minute. … [Read more...]

Oakland diocese sues cathedral builders, architects

Lawsuit alleges “design and/or construction defects and damages” at $175-million Cathedral of Christ the Light

Since it was completed in 2008, Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light has been hailed as an architectural marvel, but the same design and construction that has drawn such praise is also at the center of a legal dispute over defects including cracking concrete, faulty plumbing and other flaws that have caused damage to the cathedral complex. The Catholic Cathedral Corporation … [Read more...]