Fresno diocese hesitates on naming priests accused of sex crimes

Unlike other California dioceses, Fresno remains undecided on naming names

Bishop Armando X. Ochoa is working with a review board to determine what information the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno may release about area priests accused of sexual misconduct, including the possibility of publicly identifying those priests by name. Teresa Dominguez, chancellor for the Diocese of Fresno, said Ochoa in early September raised the issue with the Fresno … [Read more...]

Life support

The following was part of a May 15 press release from the office of schools in the Fresno diocese. The Most Rev. Armando Ochoa, the newly appointed Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno, announced today that he has given his blessing to keep Sacred Heart School open as long as it meets the benchmarks developed by the Diocesan Board of Education. In a letter given … [Read more...]

Motor chapel cars and trailers

1928-1967 The following comes from an April 29 posting on the website of the diocese of Fresno. We have had such priests reaching out to the people of our Diocese of Fresno since its early association with the Diocese of Monterey, organized first in 1922, as the twelve county diocese of Monterey-Fresno. Some of these missionaries traveled by and ministered from a motor … [Read more...]