Supreme Court vacates undocumented minor abortion ruling

Pro-life leader notes high court's decision failed to answer question of whether the federal government has an obligation to help an undocumented teen abort her unborn child – but it did deny the ACLU a major victory

On Monday the Supreme Court vacated an appellate court's decision from October which permitted an undocumented minor held in federal custody to an obtain an abortion. This move by the court means there will no longer be a precedent should a similar case arise. The June 4 order in Azar v. Garza was unanimous, though the initial case had been rendered moot as the minor had … [Read more...]

Obama’s parting gift to Big Abortion

New HHS regulation barring states from denying funds to Planned Parenthood takes effect two days before the inauguration of Donald Trump

The following comes from a December 16 Catholic News Agency article by Matt Hadro: States cannot keep federal grants away from Planned Parenthood clinics, the Obama administration ruled on Wednesday in a move that critics say is a “parting gift to Big Abortion.” “The Obama administration, even in its waning hours, has chosen to put Planned Parenthood’s Big Abortion … [Read more...]