Measure that speeds up executions weighed by CA Supreme Court

A ballot measure intended to speed up the application of the death penalty is now being challenged before the California Supreme Court. For its part, the California Catholic Conference has repeated its warning that a speedy death penalty risks further

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California voters reject abolition of death penalty

The following comes from a November 9 LA Times article by Jazmine Ulloa: California voters on Tuesday defeated a ballot measure to repeal the state’s death penalty, while a measure that would expedite and amend the death penalty process narrowly

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Poll: California measure to end death penalty in danger

The following is from an October 20 KPBS Midday Edition story: A statewide survey released Wednesday found almost all of California’s 17 ballot measures are on track to pass next month, with the proposition to end the death penalty in

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Diocese of Orange hosts criminal justice reform forum

The following comes from an October 5 Orange County Catholic article by Kimberly Porrazzo: More than 75 people gathered last night in the Freed Theater on the Christ Cathedral campus to hear from experts in the criminal justice system, as well as

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Pope Francis tells Christians they must fight death penalty

The following comes from a February 21 Catholic News Agency article: Christians must work to abolish the death penalty and improve prison conditions, Pope Francis said on Sunday. After praying the Angelus on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis

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California tries to revamp death penalty procedures

The following comes from a January 14 California Catholic Conference article: After having its death penalty protocols repeatedly ruled unconstitutional, California will once again attempt to rewrite the process to comply with court rulings.  The California Catholic Conference will be

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