Jury awards Planned Parenthood $2.2 million against pro-lifers
"It is as though the jury completely disregarded every piece of evidence we produced"

Katie Short of Life Legal Defense Foundation: "Obviously we will appeal." The jury rendered a verdict today (Nov. 15) in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress, awarding plaintiffs Planned Parenthood Federation of America and numerous affiliates $2.2 million

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“You’re going to have to conceal your identity”
More closing arguments in Daleiden-Planned Parenthood trial

Charles LiMandri: "If you're going undercover to save lives..." (Photo from Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund) Following is an excerpt from the closing argument on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in San Francisco federal court by Charles LiMandri, who represents

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“The brand was damaged”
David Daleiden's closing arguments in Planned Parenthood suit

Peter Breen: "You want to know why the people of the country were outraged?" (Photo Northwest Herald) Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, representing David Daleiden in the six-week San Francisco trial against Planned Parenthood, began the closing

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Will David Daleiden be subject to RICO charges?
Judge Orrick gives jury instructions; Planned Parenthood charges racketeering

Holly O'Donnell from Stem Express, who worked with Planned Parenthood in fetal parts business (From David Daleiden videos) Tuesday, Nov. 12, the federal court in San Francisco in the Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden case heard jury instructions

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Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden – the issue of violence
Pro-abortion employees and allies give it their best shot

David Cohen wrote briefs in favor of partial-birth abortion (Photo from Drexel University) On Friday, November 1 in the San Francisco trial of Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden, several witnesses testified about the fears of abortion industry employees

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How rudimentary David Daleiden’s fake ID was
He really was David against Planned Parenthood Goliath

The following comes from the testimony yesterday (Oct. 31) in the San Francisco trial of Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress. Daleiden made secret videos of the organization's abortionists and released them in July, 2015.

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Planned Parenthood trial blog on San Francisco archdiocese website
Has this ever happened before?

Visit the San Francisco Archdiocese website for daily reports from the ongoing trial, Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress (David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt), underway now in federal court in San Francisco. The jury trial is in the U.S.

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How David Daleiden started to find out the grisly truth
From the CDC, to Langendorff heart tests to Stem Express to how to get intact fetuses

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, David Daleiden, who revealed Planned Parenthood's sale of fetal body parts with videos that started to come out in July 2015, underwent a second full day of trial. The following excerpts of the trial in San

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First full day of David Daleiden testimony in Planned Parenthood suit
Who he taped; what he thought of Dr. Nucatola lunch

David Daleiden: "This was to report true facts about your clients" The following comes from a transcript of Oct. 22 in the Planned Parenthood trial against David Daleiden, who shot undercover videos of abortionists. Dr. Nucatola referred to

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Lead-up to Daleiden testifying in San Francisco
Attorneys argue for photos of babies' beating hearts

Charles LiMandri: "I know the plaintiffs hate all that stuff." (Photo from Bakersfield.com) On Monday, Oct. 21 Planned Parenthood began their examination of David Daleiden, the head of Center for Medical Progress, which in July, 2015 published

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